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doctoral thesis


Karpenko, Alexander (2015): Exploring electronic structure of alkali bromide molecules by means of electron spectroscopy and relativistic computations [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Pacini, Alessandra Abe (2015): Studying the heliospheric variability and atmospheric dynamics using cosmogenic tracers [physics] [space physics] >>

Anin, Dmytro (2014): Experimental study of core shell properties of atoms using electron spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Honkanen, Anna (2014): Insect optomotor experiments in the dark using virtual reality [biophysics] >>

Immonen, Esa-Ville (2014): In vitro electrophysiology of two nocturnal insect species, Periplaneta americana and Gryllus bimaculatus [biophysics] >>

Kekkonen, Päivi (2014): Characterization of thermally modified wood by NMR spectroscopy: microstructure and moisture components [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Sarkamo, Juho (2014): Design, construction and commissioning of the EMMA experiment [others] >>

Veledina, Alexandra (2014): Imprints of non-thermal particles on spectral and temporal properties of accreting black holes [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Iablonskyi, Denys (2013): Application of relativistic computations and electron spectroscopy for the study of photoinduced processes in atoms, molecules and solids [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Janz, Joachim (2013): The puzzling nature of dwarf-sized gas poor disk galaxies [astronomy] [dynamics] >>

Kettunen, Antti (2013): Experimental electron and ion coincidence studies of small molecules and clusters [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Mikkelä, Mikko-Heikki (2013): Experimental study of nanoscale metal clusters using synchrotron radiation excited photoelectron spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Mäkinen, Ari (2013): Experimental spectroscopic studies of metals with electron, ion, and optical techniques [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Safari, Laleh (2013): Exploring atoms and ions by means of light scattering and radiation assisted electron scattering [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Salmela, Iikka (2013): Biophysics of Night Vision: Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Photoreceptors as a Model System [biophysics] >>

Silveri, Matti (2013): Nonlinear and stochastic driving of a superconducting qubit [theoretical physics] >>

Takalo, Jouni (2013): Towards natural insect vision research [biophysics] >>

Virtanen, Ilpo (2013): Asymmetry of the heliospheric magnetic field [physics] [space physics] >>

Isohätälä, Jukka (2012): Strongly nonlinear transport in semiconductor superlattices [theoretical physics] >>

Kajava, Jari (2012): X-raying compact stars in the Galaxy and beyond [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Karimäki, Janne (2012): Structure and Dynamics of Vortices in Superfluid Helium-3 [theoretical physics] >>

Räihä, Tomi (2012): Analysis Tools for the EMMA Experiment [physics] [space physics] >>

Yakovchouk, Olesya (2012): Measures and consequences of high solar activity [physics] [space physics] >>

Zhang, Liyun (2012): Solar active longitudes and their rotation [physics] [space physics] >>

Ahola, Susanna (2011): NMR imaging of flow: Mapping velocities inside microfluidic devices and sequence development [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Hanni, Matti (2011): Static and dynamic NMR properties of gas-phase xenon [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Holappa, Merja (2011): Electron spectroscopy of alkali metals [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Kantia, Terhi (2011): KLL Auger spectra of Na, Mg, Al, and Si [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Kuokkanen, Janne (2011): Non-Linear Small-x Evolution Equations and Their Applications to Describe High-Energy Scattering Processes [theoretical physics] >>

Pennanen, Teemu (2011): Computational Studies of NMR and Magneto-optical Rotation Parameters in Water [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Piironen, Arto (2011): Novel experimental methods for insect neurophysiology [biophysics] >>

Pitkänen, Timo (2011): Dynamics of the polar cap boundary and the auroral oval in the nightside ionosphere [physics] [space physics] >>

Virtanen, Timo (2011): Numerical Calculations of Quasiparticle Dynamics in a Fermi Liquid [theoretical physics] >>

Niskanen, Johannes (2010): Studies of Photoinduced Electronic Processes in Atoms and Molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Olkkonen, Juuso (2010): Finite difference time domain studies on sub-wavelength aperture structures [physics] [infrared spectroscopy] >>

Patanen, Minna (2010): Electron spectroscopic studies of the electronic structure of some metal atoms and alkali halide molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Tuorila, Jani (2010): Spectroscopy of Artificial Atoms and Molecules [theoretical physics] >>

Vurm, Indrek (2010): Time-dependent modeling of radiative processes in magnetized astrophysical plasmas [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Hyart, Timo (2009): Tunable superlattice amplifiers based on dynamics of miniband electrons in electric and magnetic fields [theoretical physics] >>

Ibragimov, Askar (2009): X-ray emission from compact objects [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Järvinen, Silva (2009): Magnetic activity on young solar analogues [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Kantola, Anu (2009): Liquid Crystal NMR: Director Dynamics and Small Solute Molecules [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Koivumäki, Jussi (2009): Regulation of Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Cardiac Myocytes. Insights from Mathematical Modelling [biophysics] >>

Leppäkangas, Juha (2009): Josephson transistors interacting with dissipative environment [theoretical physics] >>

Petri Mutka (2009): Strong Gravitational Lensing and Structure Formation [theoretical physics] >>

Saunavaara, Jani (2009): Use of atomic and molecular probes in NMR studies of materials and a construction of a xenon-129 hyperpolarizer [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Urpelainen, Samuli (2009): Instrumentation for spectroscopy and experimental studies of some atoms, molecules and clusters [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Virtanen, Ilkka (2009): Multi-purpose methods for ionospheric radar measurements [physics] [space physics] >>

Öhman, Teemu (2009): The structural control of polygonal impact craters [astronomy] [planetology] >>

Heimonen, Kyösti (2008): Processing of visual information in dim light [biophysics] >>

Jänkälä, Kari (2008): Quantum mechanics applied in electron spectroscopic studies of photoexcited open shell atoms [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kero, Antti (2008): Ionospheric D-region studies by means of active heating experiments and modelling [physics] [space physics] >>

Osmekhin, Sergey (2008): Electron and ion spectroscopy of some atoms and molecules using synchrotron radiation and laboratory sources [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Sankari, Anna (2008): Relativistic atomic structure calculations applied to electronic transitions in atoms [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Tallavaara, Pekka (2008): Characterization of liquid crystals in porous materials by means of NMR of probe atoms and molecules [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Zaratiegui García, Jaime (2008): Interacting electrons in two and three dimensional nanostructures [theoretical physics] >>

Alanko-Huotari, Katja (2007): Models and applications of long-term heliospheric modulation of galactic cosmic rays [physics] [space physics] >>

Caló, Antonio (2007): Electron spectroscopy of atoms and molecules using synchrotron radiation, UV radiation and electron impact [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Karjalainen, Raine (2007): Dynamical and Photometric Modeling of Saturn′s Rings [astronomy] [dynamics]

Partanen, Leena (2007): Auger cascade processes in xenon and krypton studied by electron and ion spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Sinisalo, Anna (2007): Geophysical exploration of Antarctic blue ice areas (BIAs) for paleoclimate applications [geophysics] >>

You, Jianpeng (2007): Period analysis of stellar brightness variations using multichannel photometric observations [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Grinsted, Aslak (2006): Advanced methods of glaciological modelling and time series analysis [geophysics]

Hiltula, Teemu (2006): Hemispherical asymmetries in solar wind and heliospheric magnetic field [physics] [space physics]

Kostama, Petri (2006): The crowns, spiders and stars of Venus: Characterization and assessment of the geological settings of volcano-tectonic structures on Venus [astronomy] [planetology] >>

Lohilahti, Jarmo (2006): Rotation-vibration spectroscopic studies of formaldehyde and formic acid molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy] >>

Manninen, Jaakko (2006): Freeze-out in relativistic nuclear collisions [theoretical physics] >>

Martini, Daniel (2006): Centennial evolution of geomagnetic activity [physics] [space physics] >>

Telkki, Ville-Veikko (2006): Xenon porometry, a Novel Method for Characterization of Porous Materials by means of 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy of Xenon Gas Dissolved in a Medium [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Voiculescu, Mirela (2006): IMF effects on sporadic-E layers and F region trough [physics] [space physics]

Asikainen, Timo (2005): Observations of energetic particles in terrestrial magnetosphere [physics] [space physics] >>

Babkovskaia, Natalia (2005): Water masers in dusty environments of stars and in galactic circumnuclear region [astronomy] [astrophysics] >>

Danielides, Michael (2005): Multi-instrumental auroral case studies at substorm conditions [physics] [space physics] >>

Karinen, Arto (2005): Studies on global geomagnetic activity and magnetic storms [physics] [space physics]

Manninen, Jyrki (2005): Some aspects of ELF-VLF emissions in geophysical research [physics] [space physics] >>

Moisio, Kari (2005): Numerical lithospheric modelling: rheology, stress and deformation in the central Fennoscandian Shield [geophysics] >>

Nikkinen, Juha (2005): Multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock method applied in electron spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Aikio, Janne K. (2004): Extremely short external cavity (ESEC) laser devices: Wavelength tuning and related optical characteristics [physics] [infrared spectroscopy] >>

Damtie, Baylie (2004): New incoherent scatter radar measurement techniques and data analysis methods [physics] [space physics] >>

Huttula, Marko (2004): VUV ― Excited Electron and Ion Spectroscopy of some Vapor Phase Atoms and Molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Koskela, Tuomas (2004): Investigations of Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves Applying Noble Gas and Methane NMR Spectroscopy [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Manninen, Pekka (2004): Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian and Molecular Magnetic Resonance Properties [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Niemelä, Karri (2004): Exact diagonalization studies on semiconductor nanostructures [theoretical physics]

Sankari, Rami (2004): Spectroscopy of synchrotron radiation excited noble gas atoms and water molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Sarkkinen, Hannu (2004): High-resolution infrared studies on deuterated monoiodoacetylene [physics] [infrared spectroscopy] >>

Schroderus, Jyrki (2004): Internal Rotation in Symmetric Top Molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy] >>

Vähäsöyrinki, Mikko (2004): Voltage-gated K+ channels in Drosophila photoreceptors [biophysics] >>

Aittola, Marko (2003): Venusian novae (astra): Characteristics, classification, and connection to other volcano-tectonic features [astronomy] [planetology]

Halinen, Jani (2003): Dynamic structure and stability of bosonic quantum fluids [theoretical physics]

Huttula, Saana-Maija (2003): Angular distribution of Auger electrons in resonant and cascade Auger processes in rare gases [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kozlovsky, Alexander (2003): Structure and dynamics of the magnetosphere inferred from radar and optical observations at high latitudes [physics] [space physics]

Pirttijärvi, Markku (2003): Numerical modeling and inversion of geophysical electromagnetic measurements using a thin plate model [geophysics] >>

Pälli, Anja (2003): Polythermal glacier studies in Svalbard determined by ground-penetrating radar [geophysics] >>

Vilppola, Jari (2003): Solar wind: Detection Methods and Long-Term Fluctuations [physics] [space physics] >>

Andersen, Michael I. (2002): Gamma-ray Bursts: Afterglows and Host Galaxies [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Harkoma, Matti (2002): Instrumentation for electron spectroscopy of high temperature vapours [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Keränen, Antti (2002): Exact conservation laws in statistical models for relativistic heavy ion collisions [theoretical physics]

Korhonen, Heidi (2002): Surface structures of FK Com [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Lantto, Perttu (2002): Electronic structure studies on NMR spin-spin coupling and nuclear shielding tensors [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Matila, Tommi (2002): Relativistic quantum mechanics applied to inner shell spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Han, Chunlei (2001): Intracellular calcium stores and sodium-calcium exchanger in cardiac myocytes [biophysics] >>

Hyvönen, Marja (2001): Molecular dynamics simulations on phospholipid membranes [biophysics] >>

Jurvansuu, Marko (2001): Instrumentation and electron spectroscopical studies on soft x-ray gas phase beam line 1411 [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kerttula, Raine (2001): Ground-based studies of Pc 1 waves [physics] [space physics]

Kozlovskaya, Elena (2001): Theory and application of joint interpretation of multimethod geophysical data [geophysics]

Apaja, Vesa (2000): Collective Excitations and Stability of Quantum Fluids [theoretical physics]

Bräysy, Timo (2000): Satellite observations of electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves [physics] [space physics]

Hiltunen, Antti (2000): Experimental studies on photon, electron and proton excited Auger spectra [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Ilyin, Ilya (2000): High resolution SOFIN CCD échelle spectroscopy [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Jokinen, Jarkko (2000): Uncertainty analysis and inversion of geothermal conductive models using random simulation methods [geophysics]

Kivilompolo, Mika (2000): Analysis and interpretation of atomic and molecular electron spectra with theoretical and computational methods [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Rautiainen, Pertti (2000): Models of barred galaxies [astronomy] [dynamics]

Ulich, Thomas (2000): Solar variability and long-term trends in the ionosphere [physics] [space physics]

Usoskin, Ilya (2000): Solar activity changes and modulation of cosmic rays [physics] [space physics]

Alanko, Seppo (1999): High resolution infrared spectroscopy on the fundamental bands of 13CH3I [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Karvonen, Jari (1999): Synchrotron radiation excited electron and ion spectroscopy of rare gases and some molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kaski, Jaakko (1999): Experimental determination of spin-spin coupling tensors applying [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Korpi, Maarit (1999): Interstellar turbulence and magnetic fields: a portrait of star formation [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Tavi, Pasi (1999): Cellular mechanisms of atrial mechanotransduction [biophysics]

Tikkanen, Pauli (1999): Characterization and application of analysis methods for ECG and time interval variability data [biophysics]

Ylihautala, Mika (1999): NMR of small solutes in liquid crystals and molecular sieves [physics] [NMR spectroscopy] >>

Korhonen, Ari (1998): Development and application of 1H NMR methodology to lipoprotein analysis [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Lakanen, Raita (1998): Normal Auger and resonant Auger transitions in the open shell rubidium atom [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Mursu, Jarkko (1998): Electron correlation and angular distribution in synchrotron radiation excited resonant Auger spectra [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Koivusaari, Matti (1997): Investigations on infrared spectra of methyl-D3 iodine [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Puoskari, Mauri (1997): Integral equation theories of simple classical and bose liquids [theoretical physics]

Rasinkangas, Reijo (1997): Satellite observations of magnetospheric particles and waves [physics] [space physics]

Vaara, Juha (1997): Computational studies on the NMR parameters of molecular probes in liquids and solids [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Vanhala, Harri (1997): Triggers and disks: A portrait of star formation [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Zieger, Bertalan (1997): Long-term changes in the solar-terrestrial environment [physics] [space physics]

Jauhianen, Jukka (1996): Synchrotron radiation excited electronic transitions studied by electron spectroscopy and TOF mass spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kukk, Edwin (1996): Auger decay of resonant and non-resonant inner-shell excitations, induced by synchrotron radiation [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Pollari, Päiviö (1996): Development of incoherent scatter modulation and data analysis methods [physics] [space physics]

Aikio, Anita (1995): Studies on the electrodynamics of the auroral oval [physics] [space physics]

Mähönen, Petri (1995): Large scale structure formation and cosmic strings [theoretical physics]

Ying, Xiaoyou (1995): Digital imaging based measurements and analyses in quantitative biomedical research at cellular and microvascular levels [biophysics]

Ala-Korpela, Mika (1994): Applications of 1H NMR spectroscopy to human blood plasma and lipoprotein research [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Hänninen, Jyrki (1994): Satellite perturbations in planetary rings [astronomy] [dynamics]

Kivimäki, Antti (1994): Instrumentation of the Finnish beamline at MAX-lab and electron spectroscopic studies using synchrotron radiation [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Pulkkinen, Hanna (1994): Correlation and resonance phenomena in the Auger spectra of rare gases [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Mäntykenttä-Pramanick, Anna (1993): Studies of electron correlation in Auger transitions of free atoms based on multichannel multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculations [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Pekkala, Kari (1993): Resonance phenomena in the infrared spectra of certain symmetric top molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Turunen, Esa (1993): High latitude D-region studies by incoherent scatter radar measurements [theoretical physics]

Halonen, Veikko (1992): Low-dimensional interacting electron systems in a magnetic field [theoretical physics]

Horneman, Veli-Matti (1992): Instrumental and calculation methods for Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and accurate standard spectra [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Sairanen, Olli-Pekka (1992): Synchrotron radiation studies of resonance Auger processes in solid rare earths and in some molecules [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Pernu, Teuvo (1991): Model and field studies of direct current resistivity measurements with the combined (half-Schlumberger) array AMN, MNB [geophysics]

Kaila, Kari (1990): The energy and energy distribution of auroral electrons [physics] [space physics]

Korja, Toivo (1990): Electrical conductivity of the lithosphere. Magnetotelluric studies in fennoscandian shield, Finland [geophysics]

Bösinger, Tilmann (1989): On burst-like, short period geomagnetic pulsations during magnetosperic substorms [physics] [space physics]

Pajunpää, Kari (1989): Magnetometer array studies in Finland [geophysics]

Pikkarainen, Tapani (1989): Characteristics, sources and generation mechanisms of type IPDP magnetic pulsations [physics] [space physics]

Hiltunen, Yrjö (1988): Studies on the determination of the NMR parameters of partially oriented molecules [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Huuskonen, Asko (1988): High resolution studies of the lower E-region using the incoherent scatter method [physics] [space physics]

Pietiläinen, Pekka (1988): Excitations in the fractional quantum Hall effect: finite size studies [theoretical physics]

Haapakoski, Pekka (1987): The nucleon-nucleon and nucleon-antinucleon interactions in two-body and in many-body systems [theoretical physics]

Rantala, Tapio (1987): Local-density electronic structure calculations on the spectra and reactivity of metals [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Väänänen, Taito (1987): NMR investigations on the structure and orientation of small molecules in liquid crystals [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Eskelinen, Sinikka (1986): Osmotic haemolysis of human erythrocytes. The effects of lysophosphatidylcholine, swelling rate and temperature [biophysics]

Hietanen, Jorma (1986): Investigations on far infrared spectra of acetylenes [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Jolma, Kalevi (1985): High resolution far infrared spectra of certain light linear three and four atomic molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Paso, Risto (1985): Rotation-vibration spectroscopy of certain symmetric top molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Salo, Heikki (1985): On the collisional dynamics of Saturn’s rings [astronomy] [dynamics]

Lounila, Juhani (1984): Investigations of the effects of the anisotropic forces on the NMR parameters of partially oriented molecules [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Jalonen, Lasse (1982): Mode coupling phenomena in the high-frequency vertical soundings of the high-latitude ionosphere [physics] [space physics]

Raitala, Jouko (1982): Tectonics of the lunar oceanus procellarum area [astronomy] [planetology]

Kyrö, Esko (1981): Computation system of a Fourier spectrometer and the rotation spectrum of water [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Nygrén, Tuomo (1981): Investigations on the propagation of radio waves in the high- and mid-latitude ionosphere [physics] [space physics]

Aksela, Helena (1980): Studies of Auger spectra based on atomic calculations [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kaikkonen, Pertti (1980): Numerical finite element modeling in geophysical applications of electromagnetic fields [geophysics]

Räisänen, Kauko (1980): Multinuclear NMR studies on molecular structure and anisotropy of spin-spin coupling constant [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Väyrynen, Juhani (1980): Investigations of Auger electron spectra of metal vapours and solid metals [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Lantto, Lauri (1979): Variational theory of quantum fluids [theoretical physics]

Saarela, Mikko (1977): Nucleon resonances in the nucleon-nucleon interaction [theoretical physics]

Turunen, Tauno (1977): Properties of the sporadic E layer at Sodankylä [physics] [space physics]

Eskola, Lauri (1976): Calculation of galvanic effects in a heterogeneous medium. Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo, Finland [geophysics]

Huhanantti, Mikko (1976): Investigations of the rotation-vibration spectra of monohaloacetylenes [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Purcaru, Emil (1976): Studies of earthquake statistics, seismicity and prediction of earthquakes [geophysics]

Kauppinen, Jyrki (1975): A high resolution Fourier spectrometer for the far infrared and investigations on the use of the Fourier method [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Ratinen, Heino (1975): Application of optical spectroscopy to the analysis of the luminescence from rf-sputtering glow discharge and sputtered films [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Eloranta, Jaakko (1974): Intramolecular dipole reorientation of amino compounds and their interaction with solvent molecules [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Jokisaari, Jukka (1974): Proton magnetic resonance spectra of some 2-substituted oxetanes and the far-infrared spectrum of oxetane [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Rieppo, Risto (1974): Calculated efficiency values for Nal-detectors and some applications [physics]

Sohlo, Seppo (1974): The uncorrelated jet model and the hydrodynamical model for particle production in very high energy scattering of two protons [theoretical physics]

Aksela, Seppo (1972): Investigations on low energy electron spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Korhonen, Heikki (1971): Type of strom microseism spectra at Oulu [geophysics]

Rahkamaa, Erkki (1971): Investigations of the high resolution proton magnetic resonance spectra of pyrrole [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Kangas, Jorma (1970): On the morphology of auroral-zone electron precipitation [physics] [space physics]

Suhonen, Esko (1970): On the energy transfer in relativistic medium [theoretical physics]

Anttila, Rauno (1967): Construction of a high resolution grating spectrometer for the near infrared and measurements of some chloroform bands [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Niemi, Sauli P.A. (1966): Construction and use of a neutron monitor for multiplicity studies [physics] [space physics]

Tanskanen, Pekka (1965): On the variation of cosmic ray meson intensity at sea level in connection with atmospheric disturbances [physics] [space physics]

licentiate´s thesis


Sirviö, Tom (2012): Elektronioptisten linssisysteemien optimointia simulointimenetelmällä [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Rouhiainen, Sini (2010): Geelidosimetrian sovelluksia [biophysics]

Järvinen, Silva (2007): Analysis of long-term photometry of young solar analogues AB Doradus and EK Draconis [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Kyllönen, Kati (2007): Osittain deuteroidun metyylijodidin rotaatio-vibraatiospektroskopiaa [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Määttä, Merja (2007): Ground state and laser excited np valence photoelecktron spectra of alkali metal atoms [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Saunavaara, Jani (2007): Nestekidetutkimuksia SF6- ja 129Xe-kaasun NMR-spektroskopian avulla sekä hyperpolaroidun ksenonkaasun tuottaminen [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Loos, Enrico (2006): Design and Building of a Time-of-Flight Type Electron Spectrometer [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Heikkilä, Vesa-Pekka (2005): Sädehoitoketjun virhelähteiden mittaaminen ja analysointi [biophysics]

Käpylä, Petri (2005): Convective Angular Momentum and Energy Transport in Late-Type Stars: Local and Global Models [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Penttilä, Anna (2005): Electron correlation effects in atomic manganese and resolution enhancement by deconvolution [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Karjalainen, Raine (2004): Photometrical and Dynamical Studies of Saturn’s Rings [astronomy] [dynamics]

Katisko, Jani (2004): Optisesti neuronavigoitu ultraäänikuvaus intraoperatiivisessa magneettikuvausympäristössä [biophysics]

Kostama, Veli-Petri (2003): Venuksen radiaalis-konsentriset litosfäärirakenteet [astronomy] [planetology]

Lohilahti, Jarmo (2003): Formaldehydin ja muiden asymmetristen hyrrämolekyylien rotaatio-vibraatio-ominaisuudet [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Nikkinen, Juha (2003): Electron correlation effects on photo- and Auger electron spectra of Ba, Ca, Sr and Xe atoms [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Huttula, Marko (2002): Photoionisation studies of vapours [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Lahti, Ilkka (2002): Analysis and decomposition of the magnetotelluric transfer functions from the Baltic Electromagnetic Array Research (BEAR) [geophysics]

Palmgren, Jan-Erik (2002): Sädehoidon hoitokuvien automaattinen analyysi [biophysics]

Pirttijärvi, Markku (2002): Numerical modeling and inversion of geophysical electromagnetic measurements using a thin plate model [geophysics]

Ruohonen, Jyrki (2002): Termotrooppisten nestekiteiden tutkimuksia käyttäen 129Xe NMR-spektroskopiaa sekä hyperpolaroidun ksenonin tuottaminen [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Aittola, Marko (2001): Venuksen novat ja koronat [astronomy] [planetology]

Iljina, Svetlana (2001): Spectroscopic analysis of the magnetic field structure in some Ap-stars [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Kalliskota, Sari (2001): Some approaches to estimate UV radiation reaching the Earth´s surface by using satellite data and their validation [geophysics]

Kauranen, Mika (2001): Jännieteaktivoituvien K+ -kanavien vaikutuksesta banaanikärpäsen (Drosophila Melanogaster) valoaistinsolun valovasteen ja solukalvon impedanssiin [biophysics]

Moisio, Kari (2001): Rheological lithospheric structure and dynamical responses in the central Fennoscandian Shield [geophysics]

Pennanen, Virpi (2001): Study of KCl and HCl (DCl) molecules using ion and electron spectroscopies [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Sankari, Rami (2001): Resonant Auger electron studies at the Gas Phase Beam line of ELETTRA [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Alitalo, Sanna (2000): Kryptonin ja ksenonin elektronispektrit [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Huttula, Saana-Maija (2000): Auger-elektronien kulmajakautuma argonin resonanssi-Auger- ja kaskadispektreissä [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Jurvansuu, Marko (2000): On the experiments at the gas phase beamline I 1411, MAX-lab, Sweden [physics] [electron spectroscopy] >>

Korhonen, Heidi (2000): Surface activity in FK Com [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Matila, Tommi (2000): Relativistic Quantum mechanics applied to electron spectroscopy [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Halinen, Jani (1999): Strongly correlated quantum Bose fluids: Ground state, excitations, and zero-temperature phase transitions [theoretical physics]

Rautiainen, Pertti (1999): Dynamical models of barred galaxies [astronomy] [dynamics]

Sarkkinen, Hannu (1999): Monojodoasetyleenin voimakenttä ja spektrianalyysi [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

You, Jianpeng (1999): Time Series Analysis of Brightness Variations of Stars [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Hyvönen, Petteri (1998): The effects of impurities in quantum dots and quantum rings [theoretical physics]

Korpi, Maarit (1998): Supernova explosions as drivers of interstellar turbulence [astronomy] [astrophysics]

Kylli, Tiina (1998): Argonin L-MM-spektrien resonanssi- ja satelliittirakenteista sekä ksenonin kaksoisresonanssi-Auger-spektreistä [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Niemelä, Karri (1998): Electron correlations in nanostructures [theoretical physics]

Vilppola, Jari (1998): Cassini mission and the CAPS/IBS instrument [physics] [space physics]

Aikio, Mauri (1997): Kuvantava PGP-spektrografi [physics] [infrared spectroscopy]

Hiltunen, Antti (1997): Argonin L-MM Auger-spektrin satelliittirakenteet ja elektronioptiset simulaatiot [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Karvonen, Jari (1997): Synkronisäteilyherätteisen elektroni- ja ionispektroskopian kokeellisista menetelmistä [physics] [electron spectroscopy]

Kaski, Jaakko (1997): Eräiden pienten orgaanisten molekyylien NMR-parametrien tutkimus [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

Koskela, Tuomas (1997): Zeoliittien ja molekyyliseulojen rakennetutkimus jalokaasujen ja metaanikaasun NMR-spektroskopian avulla [physics] [NMR spectroscopy]

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